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  • Pretty in Pink! This Referee is More Fun to Watch Than the Game

    Referee Clecio Moreira dos Santos, known by his adoring fans as Margarida, is not your average football referee. Whether in the sand, on grass, or over artificial turf, Margarida steals the attention of the fans away from the game he is officiating with his ridiculous gestures and funny dance moves. He pulled off another one of his classic performances in his traditional pink attire, complete with pink undershorts, impressing football fans in the city of Navegantes. Dressed in pink and dancing to the sounds of his own pink whistle, the crowds on the field watched Margarida instead of the game. The all-pink referee, who calls himself “the flower of football”, has managed to develop a cult of fans everywhere he goes. Some claim he is homosexual, but he is married, and claims that he only performs in his characteristic flowery way to protest machismo in football. What do you think about Margarida's moves?

    24/01/2017 - RT Ruptly EN
  • Youngest Snowboard Olympic Gold Medalist Talks Winning and Homework

    US Olympic athlete Red Gerard became the youngest snowboarder ever to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics last weekend. Gerard was at the bottom of the table heading into the third and final trial, when he landed a clean run that pulled him straight up to the top spot on the podium. This was the first gold medal for the US delegation in the Pyeongchang Olympics.

    12/02/2018 - RT Ruptly EN
  • Robot Skiers Brush Up on Slalom Skills Ahead of World's First Ski Robot Challenge

    As Olympic athletes were beginning their second official competition day in the 2018 Pyeongchang Games on Sunday, Korean humanoid robot skiers were still warming up at Welli Hill Park ski resort in Dunnae for a different competition - a slalom tournament. On the sidelines of the main human Olympics, the Korean government has organised Ski Robot Challenge, the world's first ever ski tournament for self-operational humanoid robots. The robots are to battle it out in the slalom discipline on Monday.

    12/02/2018 - RT Ruptly EN
  • Ghana's First Ever Skeleton Racer Keen to Defy Expectations at Winter Olympics

    Akwasi Frimpong, the first ever skeleton racer from Ghana, spoke about his preparations for the Winter Olympics and how he hopes he can inspire a generation back home during an interview outside the Pyeongchang Olympic Village on Saturday. During the interview, Frimpong also said that this was the time to fight misconceptions about Africa, and that this period of momentum with so many teams hailing from the continent and beyond could inspire the next generation to be among the best. The 31-year old will be competing on February 15 and 16.

    12/02/2018 - RT Ruptly EN
  • The Devil Next Door? Belarussian Businessman Builds House of Evil After Heartbreak

    With creepy skeletal hands sticking out of the fence, occult statues making strange hand gestures, and demons guarding the roof, a spooky home in the Belarusian town of Ratomka wreaks of evil. The house belongs to a businessman based in the Belarussian city of Vitebsk who went through a nasty divorce and started decorating the property with all the satanic trappings.

    26/01/2018 - RT Ruptly EN
  • Famed Psychic 'Grand Warlock' Predicts Peace Between North Korea and US

    Famed Tarot card reader Antonio Vazquez - better known as El Brujo Mayor, or the Grand Warlock in Spanish - has forecast that there will be no war between North Korea and the United States during his annual predictions in Mexico City on Thursday. With his long white beard and hair, Vasquez has become a celebrity in Mexico with his predictions which have not always proved to be flawless – in 2016, he predicted Trump would lose the Republican primary elections.

    05/01/2018 - RT Ruptly EN

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