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Ultimedia.com terms and conditions

1/ Ultimedia is a service powered by DIGITEKA S.A.S.

Ultimedia.com is a Service which enables :

  • videos Rights-Holders to manage the use, distribution and monetization of their copyrighted content online.
  • for web and mobile publishers to add premium videos to their web or applications content.

The Ultimedia.com service is monetized with instream advertising. When using the services ensured by Ultimedia, you agree to be bound by terms and conditions as stated below.

2/ Content used and broadcasted by Ultimedia.com

Hosted videos premium and / or referenced on Ultimedia.com can be added by companies or persons over whom Digiteka has no control. The research results obtained from an SEO which can be done by anyone who wants to reference a content hosted on a third party site..

Furthermore, any user posting a comment on Ultimedia.com is responsible for his words and the content he posts on Ultimedia.com.

Anytime you upload or add a video on Ultimedia.com, it is mandatory that you hold the related rights to copy, use and manage these videos.

With Ultimedia.com, DIGITEKA allows videos rights-holders to control, monitor and monetize the streaming of their content online.

DIGITEKA is not responsible for the uploaded videos and their related copyrights.

In case of complaint or enquiry regarding the use and copy related rights, please send us your request by email at or by post at DIGITEKA – – FRANCE. DIGITEKA will treat your complaint within the shortest notice and remove the illegitimate content – if needed – from its database. The full removal of an illegitimate content is effective within 2 business days.

Users uploading videos on Ultimedia must be the video rights-holders or must detain a legal allowance to use and copy these videos. Users are therefore responsible for the content they upload on Ultimedia.

DIGITEKA cannot ensure the full availability to check and validate the uploaded content before it is hosted on Ultimedia.

DIGITEKA cannot control in real time all the information provided by Ultimedia.com's users. Every request may generate search results (including links) related to third-party sites, or hosted on Ultimedia.com, that could be considered as non-ethical, or illegitimate to some users. DIGITEKA cannot guarantee the safeness or the relevance of search results. DIGITEKA does not carry any responsibility for the content uploaded by users (and thus its appearance on the search results).

Digiteka uses YouTube APIs. View YouTube Terms of Service

3/ Use of the available content on Ultimedia.com

The services of Ultimedia.com are for professional and personal use only. You cannot use the features of Ultimedia to promote goods or services or to increase your web traffic for commercial purpose (sales, promotion, advertising, etc.) without the explicit agreement of DIGITEKA.

To legally display and stream videos from Ultimedia on your website (professional/personal), first you must conclude a written agreement (contract) with DIGITEKA.

If you wish to integrate or reproduce videos from Ultimedia.com on your own website, you must conclude an agreement with DIGITEKA.

For a complete or partial use of the Ultimedia.com features on your own website, please contact us at .

If you would like to promote or highlight content, business information marketing campaigns or advertising, please contact us at .

4/ Interdiction of automated requests and fraudulent traffic

It is strictly prohibited to send automated requests to Ultimedia.com without the agreement of DIGITEKA.

Publishers (or Rights Holders) using the ultimedia.com services warrant that less than 5% (five per cent) of its traffic comes from robots and that its traffic is not unlawful.

Publishers (or Rights Holders) using the ultimedia.com services warrant that his traffic is not unlawful.

As of now, publishers (or Rights Holders) using Ultimedia.com services agree that any violation of this interdiction constitutes a commercial and financial prejudice for DIGITEKA. For which publishers (or Rights Holders) will be solely responsible. DIGITEKA has the rights to cancel any advertising revenue generated by the publisher (or Rights Holders) without prior notice..

DIGITEKA has the right to claim the refund of any sums paid during the six months prior to the month in which the fraudulous activity started..

If a Publisher using the ultimedia.com services breaches such obligation, DIGITEKA may immediately terminate this Agreement based on the Publisher wrong, without any notice and without any possibility for the Publisher to claim or enter into legal proceedings for any and all damages including injunctive relief on this ground.

It is specified that DIGITEKA will rely on well-known companies’ services such as “GOOGLE” or/and “Doubleverify” to identify Publisher’s unlawful or fraudulent traffic.

5/ Changes of terms & conditions and of Ultimedia.com's services

DIGITEKA SAS strives to ensure the quality and continuity of service. However, we reserve the right to amend the abovementioned conditions of use, at our sole discretion and at any time without prior notice. We reserve the right to amend or interrupt our services for any reason and without prior notice. DIGITEKA may not face responsibilities for you or any other users or any other parties..

6/ Responsibility of DIGITEKA

DIGITEKA SAS assumes no liability or responsibility for the precision, the content, the completeness, the legitimacy, the reliability, the operability or availability of any information or data displayed in the results given by Ultimedia.com or its services. DIGITEKA SAS assumes no liability or responsibility for the deletion, the unavailability of storage, the improper or inopportune delivery of such information or data. DIGITEKA SAS assumes no liability or responsibilities for any damage to be caused by downloading or using such information or data available on the internet via Ultimedia.com services..

7/ Comments and suggestions about Ultimedia.com

Ultimedia.com can receive inquiries, proposals and comments from anyone willing to comment, complain, increase or even remove functions from Ultimedia.com. DIGITEKA keeps the right to treat those requests one by one. For any comment, please contact us at .

8/ Charter of privacy

DIGITEKA is conscious of the significance of personal data and their use. This is why we state below how your data is used..