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Amazonian indigenous women speak out, demand respect for their territories


Quito, Mar 8 (EFE).- On International Women's Day in the Americas, women raised their voices in virtual events and on the streets against violence, and for equality and the right to abortion. Amazonian indigenous women echoed their situation in Ecuador, where they demanded respect for their territories and rejected the exploitation of subsoil resources."We are not here today to celebrate or to celebrate with joy because our sisters are still being dispossessed of their territories, our girls and boys are being left without homes," said Lineth Calapucha, vice president of the Quichua nationality of Pastaza. (Camera: JUAN FRANCISCO CHÁVEZ). SHOT LIST: AMAZONIAN INDIGENOUS WOMEN TAKE PART IN A MARCH TO COMMEMORATE INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY, IN QUITO, ECUADOR.

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