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Brainious: the documentary that looks at how child development is all about the brain


Documentary filmmaker Stephanie Brillant tells me about Brainious, her new film on child development and the brain

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  • Childhood Poverty Affects Brain Development And Cognitive Performance

    Kids that live in poor neighborhoods don't do as well on cognitive function tests as those who live in higher-income areas. An analysis published Tuesday by JAMA also showed that lower-income children have lower "brain volume". According to UPI, higher household income was associated with improved vocabulary, reading skills, and memory. Researchers note the differences are likely due to kids in higher-income homes had more developed prefrontal and hippocampal brain regions. The prefrontal cortex has been linked with behavior, personality, and decision making. While the hippocampus is believed to be involved in learning and memory skills.

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    When children are struggling, they often regress. That means they revert to a level of behavior appropriate for a younger child. For example, a school-age child might start having toddler-esque tantrums again. Or a tween who becomes suddenly clingy. According to HuffPost, psychologists say regression is an entirely normal reaction to the constantly changing conditions brought about by the pandemic. Generally, it's nothing to worry about. However, if the behavior is interfering with the child's ability to function, then parents should get involved. For example, if a child who used to be able to feed themselves now needs to be spoon-fed, and every meal is turning into a battle, that’s different. Have a pediatrician rule out any medical conditions. After that, reach out to your child's school to meet with its educational psychologist or counselor.

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