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Lindsey Graham May Have Wanted To Phone His Re-Election In. Jamie Harrison Won't Let Him.


South Carolina is a longtime bastion of Southern conservatism. And if former state Democratic Party chairman Jamie Harrison beats three-term GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, it would be a jolt to Democrats across the country. According to Business Insider, the Senate race has become part of the expanded Democratic calculus for winning a Senate majority. Surveys conducted by Morning Consult and Quinnipiac University show the race as either tied or with one candidate holding a small lead. Lindsey Graham can't lead us in any direction because he traded his moral compass for petty political gain. He's forgotten about the people that he represents...You. Jamie Harrison Political campaign ad In total, Harrison has raised roughly $86 million for his campaign, while Graham raised about $30 million through June. In September, Graham appealed to supporters on Fox News, where he said that he 'was getting killed financially' by Harrison.

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    Former state legislator Jaime Harrison is challenging GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham. He is hoping to take Lindsey Graham's spot for US Senate in South Carolina. Graham is one of the most high-profile Republican Senators and a vocal supporter of Trump. Graham is seeking a fourth term to office in 2020, according to Business Insider. Harrison is putting up a formidable fight in deep-red South Carolina, narrowly outpacing Graham. Harrison is doing better than Graham in fundraising and ties Graham in recent polls.

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