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Frozen water discovered in more places on Moon, scientists confirm


The discovery of reserves of ice water on the Moon could mean future lunar bases will be able to access drinking water.

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  • Astronomers Say The Man In The Moon Has Far More To Drink Than Previously Thought

    Scientists used to say there were millions of tons of ice in the permanently shadowed craters of the moon’s poles. Now, HuffPost reports a pair of studies in the journal Nature Astronomy says there's far, far more potential water available. Twenty percent more, to be exact. A team led by the University of Colorado's Paul Hayne says more than 15,400 square miles of lunar terrain have the capability to trap water in the form of ice. However, lead researcher Casey Honniball says the molecules are so far apart that they are in neither liquid nor solid form. To be clear, this is not puddles of water. Casey Honniball, Lead Researcher Postdoctoral fellow, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Maryland Greater access to water could allow astronauts and robots more places to land, and support future lunar bases. Scientists believe the moon's water came from comets, asteroids, interplanetary dust, solar wind, or even lunar volcanic eruptions.

    27/10/2020 - Wochit
  • She-Daredevil Swims In Frozen Caspian Sea at Dusk in Just Her Swimsuit

    A she-daredevil named Zarina Andryushina braced the ice-cold waters of the frozen Caspian Sea in the coastal city of Aktau, Kazakhstan on January 30th with nothing but her bikini and her youthful vigor just as the sun was setting in the sky. Zarina has been practising ice swimming for at least two years, its become a daily routine just like jogging or exercising. The temperature on the day of filming was just over 0 degrees Fahrenheit, so snow covered the beach while flakes of ice floated in the salt water.

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  • Elsa’s 'Frozen' Touch? House Transforms Into Ice Palace After Burst Water Pipe

    An abandoned two-storey wooden building turned into a magical frost kingdom after water pipes burst and met the heavy Siberian frost in Ekaterinburg on Tuesday. Furniture was covered with a thick layer of frost, the interior was transformed from the icy chill and ice crystals hung from the ceiling creating a frozen spectacle. Thick steam from the leaky pipes had created these fairytale-like scenes, taken as if straight out of the Snow Queen’s palace.

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  • Scientists Leave Lunar Flight Simulation After Being Totally Isolated for 17 Days

    Six scientists, completely isolated from the outside world for 17 days for an experiment imitating a trip to the moon, spoke to the press after completing their mission. Five Russians and one German participating in the experiment, nicknamed ‘SIRIUS’ or the Scientific international research in unique terrestrial station), imitated a space trip to the moon on Friday, after being locked on a terrestrial space capsule for 17 days. The experiment aimed to examine psychological and physical effects of confinement. During the imitation flight, team members performed various scientific experiments in the mock-up spaceship and responded to simulated emergency situations, including medical situations and sleep deprivation.

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    This is river rapid wakeboarding taken to the extreme. 26 year-old daredevil Almaz Smailkulov rides his wakeboard over rapids in the shallows of the Kara-Balta river in his native Kyrgyzstan, surrounded by rocks popping up out of the water, while being pulled along by a horse. Any wrong move on the wakeboard can send him tumbling down onto the rocks. The most dangerous and foolhardy aspect is that the young daredevil glides along the rocks without a helmet. Falling on the rocks can result in serious trauma. Almaz wants Kyrgyz people to take up his extreme version of horse-driven wakeboarding through river rapids because of the abundance of beautiful river valley landscapes in the mountainous country, but any newcomers should approach the dangerous sport with caution.

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    Montpellier - Tribunal correctionnel : 2 marins-pêcheurs Grauléens à la barre

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