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Mantua, Italy, walking tour with Local Guide


travel videos & photos at: https://townsofeurope.com/ with text, maps & links. Mantua is the perfect Italian city and makes a great place to visit. Famous for its architectural treasures, elegant palaces and the medieval and Renaissance cityscapes. 00:00 intro 1:16 guide intro 2:03 walking tour begins 3:16 Piazza Sordello 3:44 Mantua map 4:24 into Old Town 5:21 main piazza 6:48 three piazzas 8:31 passeggiata 8:47 cat walk 9:11 Scaravelli bakery 9:56 Piazza Erbe 10:12 Rotunda and Tower 12:33 Basilica of Sant'Andrea 15:12 Italy lifestyle 17:00 Piazza Alberti 18:20 Piazza Canossa 19:08 Piazza Virgiliana 19:36 Palazzo D’Arco 19:53 walk to Rio 21:14 Loggia delle Pescherie 22:01 Via di Orefici 24:11 walking tips 24:30 Porto Catena 25:29 Teatro Bibiena 26:13 Piazza Sordello 28:03 Duke's Palace 29:45 Cathedral 29:56 Bishop's Palace 31:36 Tower of the Cage 32:34 history 33:05 conclusion Mantua's compact historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage site with a dense concentration of historic buildings, some of which date back to the Middle Ages, and others reflect the strong Renaissance tradition of town planning. These historic sites are so close together, concentrated around three adjacent piazzas, making it very easy to see a lot in a short period of time with a minimal amount of walking. Located in the Lombardy region in the north of Italy, even though Mantua is inland, it's surrounded by water including three lakes and a canal, with a green park along the lakeshore, as you'll see more of later. This is the ideal city for discovering on foot where it is so easy to get around while exploring these endlessly fascinating sites. This visit is extra special because you will be enjoying a walking tour with a local expert, Giacomo Cecchin.

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