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The Biggest Box Office Hits of 2017


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  • Gal Gadot's Message To 'Justice League' Fans

    Gal Gadot, aka Wonder Woman herself, has special message for 'Justice League' fans: she appreciates them very much. Gadot gave a big shoutout to the fans who have supported her and the team along the way. She tweeted "Thank you, thank you for your support! I’ve been reading your posts and seeing the photos in the theaters, and ticket stubs!" "You are the best fans!" Justice League has brought in over $93 million at the domestic box office. That's the lowest opening weekend in DCEU history. By contrast, Gadot's Wonder Woman had the highest opening weekend in DCEU history and is one of the biggest hits of 2017.

    21/11/2017 - Wochit
  • What Are 2017's Biggest Box Office Hits So Far?

    2017 is not even halfway done and there are already big winners at the theatrical box office. Kong: Skull Island has earned $565 million worldwide, making it the fifth highest grossing film of 2017. Comic book actioner 'Logan' comes in at $607.3 million worldwide. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 brought in $732.6 million worldwide. Fast and Furious 8, The Fate of the Furious, broke the billion dollar worldwide mark, brining in $1.212.6 billion. Disney's live action remake of Beauty and the Beast has dominated the worldwide box office, bringing in $1.221.8 billion.

    22/05/2017 - Wochit
  • Could 'Guardians of The Galaxy 2' Break Global Box Office Opening Records?

    The next major movie opening at the same time in both the U.S. and China will be Marvel’s "Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2" The movie is a big-budget sequel that the industry is already expecting to be one of the biggest hits of 2017. Screenrant suspects the new comic-book could match or surpass what "The Fate of the Furious" made globally, because "Guardians" is also an ensemble film.

    22/04/2017 - Wochit
  • Can 'Avengers: Endgame' Save Slumping Box Office?

    'Avengers: Endgame" is shaping up to be the biggest films of 2019. The movie has already smashed pre-sale ticket records and could open as high as $300 million domestically in its first weekend. Paul Dergarabedian of Comscore said that Avengers: Endgame could single-handedly reverse the nation's box office woes. Comscore says that in 2019, the American film industry has seen a year-to-date deficit of 17%. Comicbook.com reports the estimated $2.74 billion earned at the domestic box office is down 17% from the same time period in 2018. It's down 18% from 2017, a year bolstered by early hits.

    15/04/2019 - Wochit
  • Will Any Summer Movie Beat ‘Beauty And The Beast’ At The Box Office?

    "Beauty and The Beast" continues to reign supreme at the box office. It's the highest grossing film of 2017 and had the biggest U.S opening weekend of the year. It's earned $1.2 billion worldwide. Guardiand of the Galaxy volume 2 released on May 5th, but it would not match Beauty and Beasts opening weekend. Pirate of the Caribbean 5 hits theaters next Friday, but the franchise's staying power has waned. Johnny Depp isn't the box office heavy weight he was six years ago.

    19/05/2017 - Wochit
  • Movie Theater Attendance Hits 24-Year-Low

    According to the National Association of Theater Owners, 2017 admissions were down to levels not seen since the ’90s. 2018 may be a whole lot worse. Everybody has their own theory, of course, as to why audiences are showing up to the movies less. Some blame cost as ticket prices rose to an average of nearly nine dollars. Some blame the quality of movies playing in the theatres. Variety, for example, seems to think it was a summer of lackluster titles. According to the Wrap, there simply aren’t enough movies, period. Others believe a combination of all three is to blame.

    18/01/2018 - Wochit
  • What's The Biggest Flop Of 2017?

    2017 came with its share of forgettable box office flops. so, which movies were the biggest financial disasters of 2017? Warner Brothers spent $25 million Dax Shepard remake of CHIPS. Shepard wrote, directed, and starred in the film. The movie earned 17% on Rotten Tomatoes and barely made its money back. Tom Cruise's horror action movie, The Mummy, proved to be the biggest flop of his illustrious career. Universal Pictures could lose up to $95 million on it.

    03/01/2018 - Wochit
  • 2017 Third Biggest Year For Movies

    The numbers are in and 2017 is the third highest grossing year in movies. According to Cinema Score on Jan. 1, the domestic box office is estimated to net out with $11.1 billion in grosses, down around 2.6 percent from 2016's $11.4 billion. Experts and insiders are somewhat divided on what this might mean for the current state and future of movie going. Is the drop a reason for alarm or just part of the natural ebb and flow of business? The basic rule still applies: If the movies are good, audiences will turn out. If they're not, they won't.

    02/01/2018 - Wochit
  • The Last Jedi To Become Biggest Movie Of 2017

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi is projected to earn enough money at the box office this weekend to become the highest grossing film domestically of 2017. While the Last Jedi is lagging behind its predecessor, The Force Awakens, it's still a blockbuster. The Last Jedi earned more than $220 million domestically in its opening weekend in mid-December. It earned another $99 million over the four-day Christmas weekend, the film is enjoying a very lucrative box office run so far.

    29/12/2017 - Wochit

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