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Added on the 26/10/2021 16:44:00 - Copyright : Voiles et Voiliers public

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    Nagui arrête la présentation de son jeu «Tout le monde veut prendre sa place» sur France 2

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  • Pirelli SCORPION - Presentation

    Pirelli renews its Scorpion tire family, dedicated exclusively to SUVs, a segment set to become the most popular in the world, with the addition of three products: Scorpion (summer), Scorpion AllSeason SF2 (all season) and Scorpion Winter 2 ( winter). All of them have been specifically developed to respond to the specificities of this type of vehicle, which is heavier, has a higher center of gravity and has very particular mechanical and dynamic characteristics.The technical details just mentioned differentiate SUVs from traditional options and, therefore, require specific high-quality tires. The new Scorpion range responds to these needs by extrapolating many of the innovations recently introduced by Pirelli in its Cinturato family. The result is a cutting-edge product that benefits from better matching the performance of today's cars, including, of course, those with 'green' powertrains. The Scorpion range has the largest number of homologations for electric and plug-in hybrids in the Pirelli catalogue, a process that began with the last generation of this product and continues with its new references. These tires are easily recognized by their 'Elect' marking on the sidewall. Added to this technology are the versions with the Pirelli Noise Canceling System (PNCS), which reduces noise in the passenger compartment, or the Run Flat and Seal Inside extended mobility versions.

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  • Le Tour du monde en 80 jours - Bande annonce 2 - VO

    Londres, 1872. Phileas Fogg, gentleman anglais, prend ce pari insensé: faire le tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours. Il s'alloue les services de Jean Passepartout, un serveur français débrouillard. Ensemble, ils embarquent pour un voyage semé d'embûches, suivis de près par une jeune journaliste.

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  • Le Monde perdu - Extrait 2 - VO - (1925)

    Le professeur Challenger a un objectif : retrouver la trace d'un monde rempli d'étranges créatures décrit par l'explorateur Maples White. Pour cela, il met en chantier une expédition formée de sa fille Paula, du professeur Summerlee, du journaliste Edward Malone et de Sir John Roxton. Dix jours après leur départ, les aventuriers parviennet en pleine jungle amazonienne et découvrent un spectacle saisissant : devant eux se dresse un paysage entièrement peuplé de dinosaures et autres espèces de l'ère quaternaire. Ils décident alors de capturer l'une de ces extraordinaires créatures et de la ramener à Londres...

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    Un 747 s'ecrasse dans un champ. Seul le pilote en rechappe. L'accident semble inexplicable et le pilote, incapable de se souvenir se lance dans une enquete aidee par une jeune femme medium.

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    Cleats are the only fixed interface between bicycle and rider, so getting them into the right position won’t just keep you comfortable and ensure you’re efficient as possible, but can also help you avoid injury. There's nothing worse than changing over a set of cleats only to have put them in the wrong position. After all, it may lead to knee or back pain. So when it comes to getting your feet into roughly the correct spot, follow Stu's advice to get the best fit ️ For more information visit https://www.cyclist.co.uk/tutorials/1043/how-to-fit-and-adjust-cleats-for-cycling-shoes

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