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Exorcisms in Sri Lanka gain popularity in time of pandemic


Colombo, Mar 23 (EFE/EPA).- Tharindu Kavinda Prasad, an exorcist, holds a burning torch in his hand and starts shaking violently as a part of a ritual to expel supposed demons possessing a young woman with persisting backache, in Kandy province in central Sri Lanka.Although such superstitious practices have been prevalent in the Buddhist majority island nation for ages, the Covid-19 pandemic has seen their popularity rise significantly. (Camera: CHAMILA KARUNARATHNE).SHOT LIST: A RITUAL TO EXPEL SUPPOSED DEMONS POSSESSING A YOUNG WOMAN IN COLOMBO, SRI LANKA. SOUND BITES: THARINDU KAVINDA PRASAD, EXORCIST; AND UDESHIKA WICKRAMARATHNE, PATIENT. TRANSLATION:1. THARINDU KAVINDA PRASAD: "My devalaya (shrine) is located in this village. I am functioning this devalaya for about eight years now. I got this gift from my grandfather. Right now, the devalaya is functioning by giving priority to Bhadrakali goddess, and also Kadawara and Kambili gods. So, people with various issues come here. My main priority is to give protection against harms caused by supernatural powers. I also treat various diseases. I use my gift for that. And I cure uncurable illnesses. Through this gift I also do other rituals. So, I do these kinds of work here". 2. UDESHIKA WICKRAMARATHNE: "I had a backache for a long period of time. I took medicine but that didn’t work. After that we came to this devalaya after hearing about it. Here I was told that they have to do a ritual and put a talisman. Today I put a talisman. Now my illness is cured".

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