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Seat - 10 things to learn about the electric car


Sales of electric and hybrid vehicles increased by 121% in the ten main markets in Europe in the third quarter of 2020This increase likewise results in more user doubts and questionsThe main doubts are about practical issues such as whether they are all automatic or whether the heating affects battery consumptionSEAT’s electromobility Learning Center offers a training programme on hybrid and electric vehicles for all company employees

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    In addition to sustainability and the environment, saving time and money are the main advantages The use of special lanes and reserved parking zones are incentives for drivers of zero emissions cars Close to 300 European cities already have low-emission zones, which can only be accessed by hybrid and electric vehiclesNo CO2 or other atmospheric pollutants. Sustainability may be the main reason for driving a fully electric car, but it is by no means the only one. In addition to benefitting the well-being of the planet, there are also advantages for drivers. “Getting behind the wheel of an electric car in any big city saves a lot of time and money, ” says Carlos de Luis, head of electric mobility at the Volkswagen Group’s Institutional Relations. We found this out this in Madrid, on board the SEAT Mii electric.

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