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Olive tree carvers struggle to make a living amid pandemic


Beit Sahur (West Bank), Feb 20 (EFE) - (Camera: Joan Mas) In a workshop full of Christian iconography, Palestinian Firas Hawwash continues the trade he inherited from his grandfather: carving religious figures with olive wood, a tradition of the Holy Land that artisans like him struggle to maintain after almost a year without pilgrims because of the pandemic. He has not made a profit since then, spent his savings and had to lay off almost all of his employees. Nevertheless, he is determined to persevere in this trade. FOOTAGE OF OLIVE WOOD RELIGIOUS FIGURINE WORKSHOPS AND FACTORIES IN THE TOWN OF BEIT SAHUR IN THE OCCUPIED WEST BANK. SOUNDBITES OF JOSEPH KASSIS, REPRESENTATIVE OF OLIVE WOOD WORKSHOPS AND OWNER OF A SOUVENIR AND RELIGIOUS FIGURINE STORE IN BEIT SAHUR.

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