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Fox Searchlight 25th Anniversary Screenings


From The Full Monty to 28 Days Later, celebrate our 25th anniversary with special screenings of classic Fox Searchlight films at Everyman Cinema 29 August - 1 ...

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    The X-Files premiered 25 years ago this week. The show has had 218 episodes spanning across 11 seasons. The X-Files was about the FBI, exploring paranormal events. Fans watched Mulder and Scully's adventures tracking aliens, monsters, and strange phenomena. Digital Trends says the series was ground-breaking television that made believers out of all of us. The series is available on Hulu, Amazon Prime, and iTunes.

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    The 25th anniversary of Power Rangers is just around the corner, and Time Force's Jason Faunt is teasing some big things for the highly anticipated event. Faunt stopped by ComicBook.com to talk all things Power Rangers, including the franchise celebrating its 25th anniversary. Faunt has taken part in several of the previous reunion specials and teases that fans should be excited about what's coming in 2018. "There's some good stuff coming up, everyone's going to be happy," Faunt said. "The 25th anniversary is coming up, so they'll be doing some special stuff for that. That's all I can say, that's all I can say. So hang onto your hats for some surprises, that's all I can tell ya." Faunt has been a part of epic episodes like Forever Red and Legendary Battle in the past and is more than ready to jump back in if and when they need him. "Yeah, I'm always ready to go back," Faunt said. "I mean like I said I've done other movies and other projects but I always look so fondly on it and anytime they call I'll always for sure get back on the show." As fans know, Power Rangers films in New Zealand, so anytime previous Rangers happen to be in the area fan's antennas go up. 2018's Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel is no different, and the reunion episode has already been announced as part of that season. That led us to ask Faunt if he had a trip to New Zealand somewhere in the offing and if he did to blink twice. From his reaction, well, let's just say fans have something pretty cool to look forward to. Saban hasn't announced an official title or premise for the reunion episode, nor when it will air or who is involved. The studio has taken different approaches in the past with these episodes to varying success. Episodes like the 10 Ranger Forever Red (10th anniversary) or the 5 Ranger Once a Ranger (15th anniversary) are viewed as the standard bearers, while the reactions to Legendary Battle's increased Ranger count was mixed. Hopefully, Saban will announce concrete plans soon, but in the meantime, you can check out what we'd like to see for the 25th anniversary, and the entire interview can be viewed in the video above.

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