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Benefits and features of the new Windows 10


Explore all the benefits and innovative features of the new Windows 10. The new OS represents a valuable change for SMB environment.

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    Realize the benefits of enhanced security, productivity and lower management costs and accelerate your digital transformation. For more information, please ...

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  • Skype for Windows 10 Full Version Released

    On Wednesday, TechRadar reports that Microsoft has taken away the 'Preview' tag from the title in its latest version for Windows 10, making it a fully-fledged app that is no longer in testing. Microsoft is now comfortable enough for users to recommend Skype for Windows 10 as a fully functional application. The new version includes some new features as well, including support for Skype SMS, allowing users to send texts using Skype Credit .It has also made some changes to the interface, such as new keyboard shortcuts and a redesigned layout for group video calling.

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  • Windows 10 Anniversary Update Pushes Cortana

    If there’s one thing that Microsoft really, REALLY wants you to do right now, it’s upgrade to Windows 10. If there’s a second, that’s to convince you to start using Cortana. They’ve come up with a pretty clever way to do it, too. They think that Cortana’s “personality” and cloud-powered AI make for a greatly improved search experience on Windows 10. For most users, that won’t pose a serious problem. You can still hide the toolbar, and you can still restrict Cortana to performing searches only on your local machine. This keeps her from providing any Bing-generated results. You can also go in and flick off some other toggles to limit Cortana’s reach, but you won’t be able to shut her down completely. So that’s it then. You’r'e getting an intelligent personal assistant whether you want one or not.

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    5 new features in Windows 10

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