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Madonna attacks New York Times over 'superficial' profile


Madonna has distanced herself from a new profile interview piece, insisting she feels "raped" by the reporter she let into her life for the story.

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  • Madonna says she feels 'raped' by New York Times profile

    Pop icon Madonna was unimpressed by a profile of her in the New York Times, calling the newspaper "one of the founding fathers of the patriarchy."

    07/06/2019 - AFP EN
  • Trump Admin Keeps POTUS In The Dark About US Cyber Attacks On Russia's Energy Grid

    CNN reports the US is escalating cyber attacks on Russia's electric power grid. Not only that, the New York Times reports the US has placed potentially crippling malware inside the Russian system. Two administration officials say they believe President Donald Trump wasn't briefed about the US computer code being implanted inside the Russian grid. Pentagon and intelligence officials described to the Times "broad hesitation" to tell Trump about the details of the operations against Russia. The incursion into the Russian electric power grid seems to have been conducted under new legal authorities in the military authorization bill passed by Congress last year.

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  • Madonna Calls Out NY Times

    On Wednesday the New York Times magazine published a profile of pop icon Madonna. Business Insider reports the singer took to Instagram on Thursday to share her disappointment with the interview, saying, "it makes me feel raped." Madonna also called the New York Times "one of the founding fathers of the patriarchy." Madonna was upset with the author's comments about the fabrics of her curtains or the ethnicity of her stand in for rehearsal.

    06/06/2019 - Wochit
  • Waymo's Autonomous Vehicles Facing Attacks in Arizona

    People have reportedly been vandalizing autonomous vehicles in Arizona that are operated by Waymo. The Google spin-off owned by Alphabet says that more than 20 incidents of vandalism on the vehicles have occurred since Waymo arrived in Arizona in 2017. The attacks on Waymo vans have involved escalating crimes from slashed tires to a man pointing a gun at the vehicle. Reports also include drivers attempting to run the vehicles off the roads. A Waymo spokesperson told Gizmodo "safety is at the core of everything we do". In response to reports of incidents involving its vehicles, Waymo characterized the events as “extremely rare”.

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    According to Business Insider, Gary Cohn is coming after Senator Elizabeth Warren. Former top economic adviser to President Donald Trump has had it with Warren’s critiques on banks. Warren has said many times that tax cuts helped corporations save billions of dollars. The senator argues that banks’ profits show post-crisis regulations should be tougher. Cohn said her argument is “one of the most naive statements I’ve ever heard.”

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    Gizmodo reports that researchers looking into bizarre reports of U.S. diplomatic staff in Cuba and later China hearing troubling noises have pinned the most likely cause. They say it’s not some form of mysterious sonic device, as previously speculated. The noises led to a developing of symptoms very similar to brain trauma. Instead, according to a report in the New York Times on Saturday, they have increasingly become convinced that unknown parties attacked the staff with some sort of microwave radiation emitter. It was possibly one small enough to truck around in a van.

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