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Sprint Continues To Roll Out "True 5G Mobile Network"


Added on the 31/05/2019 09:21:26 - Copyright : Wochit

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  • Sprint Announces Plans To Roll-Out 5G Coverage By 2019

    On Friday, Sprint announced it's plans to roll out a mobile 5G network in the first half of 2019. Sprint has claimed that it is working with Qualcomm on developing 5G technology and one South Korean company has claimed that it already has a 5G device in the works for Sprint’s network. This would put Sprint behind its rivals AT&T and Verizon, as both of those mobile carriers have announced plans to roll out 5G coverage later this year.

    04/02/2018 - Wochit
  • Many Reject Trump Idea To Nationalize 5G Network

    The top U.S. communications regulator, wireless companies and some lawmakers oppose a controversial idea by members of President Donald Trump’s national security team. The proposed plan calls for the government to build a 5G wireless network to counter China spying on phone calls. The Trump administration has taken a harder line with China on policies initiated by predecessor President Barack Obama. Some of their hard stances deal with Beijing’s role in restraining North Korea, to Chinese efforts to acquire U.S. strategic industries.

    30/01/2018 - Wochit
  • Verizon Makes Big Move in 5G Race

    On Thursday, Verizon, the US' largest wireless carrier, announced that it would buy Straight Path Communications, outbidding rival AT&T, which had previously agreed to acquire it. According to a report, the deal has the potential to kickstart Verizon's ambitions for a 5G network. 5G, which promises faster, more responsive networks, have drawn every US carrier to recently stake a claim in the technology.

    11/05/2017 - Wochit
  • 5G phones are coming earlier than you thought

    5G phones are on their way... and it will be here a year earlier than predicted. Nearly two dozen companies said Sunday, 5G New Radio , a flavor of the next-generation wireless network that's expected to be the global standard, should be available for large-scale deployments in 2019. The technology is expected to be 100 times faster than our current 4G LTE wireless technology and 10 times speedier than what Google Fiber offers through a physical connection to the home. The companies who've vowed to reach a standard for 5G for that timeframe included a mix of wireless carriers, chip providers and handset makers -- such as Qualcomm, Intel, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile parent company Deutsche Telekom .

    26/02/2017 - Wochit
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    What is best: Mac or PC? Here we examine five key areas, and help you to decide if you should buy a Mac or a Windows PC or laptop. (Answer: get a Windows machine.)

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