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What Are Those Red Spots Michael Phelps has?


With The Rio Olympics well underway. Attention has been brought upon USA swimming and Micheal Phelps once again. This time around however people are asking what are the red spots on Micheal phelps? Olympians at Rio have taken to cupping -- an ancient therapy that have mostly been used in Middle Eastern and Asian countries, especially China.The placement of the glass cup creates a partial vacuum, which is believed to stimulate muscles and blood flow, while relieving pain.

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  • What Are The Red Spots On Olympic Athletes?

    Many athletes are known to be a superstitious group of individuals, because of this it is not surprising that the some unsavory health practices have made it way to the Olympics. One of the The latest fad is cupping. Photos of both Team USA members Michael Phelps and gymnast Alex Naddour show the pair having large round bruises across their torsos . This ancient form of therapy originated nearly 5,000 years ago in Egypt. Cupping leaves rounds bruises on the body while supposedly making an individual healthier.

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    Many people were trying to figure out what are the marks on Olympic Swimmer, Michael Phelps body. The marks on his body come from cupping. Phelps is one of many celebrities who have gotten into the latest health trend of cupping. Cupping is an eastern practice that is supposed to be beneficial for an individuals blood circulation to muscle pain. It is also believed to be able to rid the body of toxins. With all of these benefits it makes perfect sense that he would like to get his blood flowing prior to competing in the pool. It's no wonder the pro athlete was game to get the blood flowing before he hit the pool in Rio, but how does cupping work, exactly?

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    American swimmer Michael Phelps brought home yet another Olympic gold medal, but the world’s attention has been focused on the mysterious red, bruise marks on his body.

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    Michael Phelps’s first gold medal of the Rio Olympics was momentarily overshadowed by widespread interest the large purple circles across his back and shoulders. The perfectly circular marks that were revealed as Phelps shed his clothes to compete in the men’s 4x100m freestyle relay on Sunday, took viewers aback. Phelps went on to win his 19th Olympic gold. On Sunday Google Trends reported a 2,100% spike in searches for “circles on Michael Phelps." The guesses as to their origin on social media ranged from crop circles to a symptom of the Zika virus. They actually are the result of cupping therapy – a suction-based massage popular in the US Olympic team.

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    The circles appearing on the arms, legs and backs of U.S. athletes like Michael Phelps, Natalie Coughlin and Alex Naddour result from a practice called cupping. Cupping is one of the oldest forms of Chinese medicine, dating back to the fourth century, according to Acupuncture Today, a newspaper about alternative medicine. Standard cupping involves a glass cup and a flammable substance which heats the cup while it's on the skin.

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