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Pink October: For today's youth it's 'a perfect time to start to take action to reduce our risk'


Thalie Martini, CEO of Breast Cancer UK, joins France 24 for Pink October, as we shine a light on the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women worldwide: breast cancer. 'We've actually seen a doubling of cases in the past 50 years,' and so Ms. Martini's key mission is to raise awareness on the importance of proactivity: action and prevention. 'For us at Breast Cancer UK,' explains Ms. Martini, 'we have a really positive, empowering message. And that is that over 25 percent of those cases could actually be prevented through lifestyle changes.' Ms. Martini is heartened to see that 'the stigma (of breast cancer) is less of an issue now than it ever was before, so all the more reason to take action now.'

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