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Mild Hybrid Technology - New Range Rover Evoque


The awaited Land Rover luxury compact SUV, the New Range Rover Evoque, has been presented at the creative East End of London with a dynamic high definition screen in which you could see a large group of vehicles circulating through different digital skyline worldwide.The Range Rover Evoque has been a pioneer in the luxury compact SUV market, with global sales of more than 772,096 units and has received more than 217 international awards, the new Range Rover Evoque is a sophisticated evolution of the original. Combining the incomparable heritage of Range Rover with the most avant-garde technology; designed, developed and manufactured in Great Britain, will meet the expectations of today's customer. Among the most innovative technologies are the first "invisible hood" and a rearview mirror that becomes a digital HD screen in which you can see what is behind the vehicle.

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    The Range Rover Evoque is based on Land Rover's new mixed-metal Premium Transverse Architecture, which has been designed for hybrid-electric power - 48-volt mild hybrid, 3-cylinder Plug-in Hybrid - and three- and four-cylinder Ingenium petrol and diesel engines. The new body is 13% stiffer than its predecessor, which together with rigidly-mounted subframes reduces noise and vibration intrusion into the cabin. With a 21mm longer wheelbase and compact new suspension design, the compact SUV delivers increased interior room and improved handling in all conditions.The Ingenium engines have been advanced with new technologies to make them quieter and more refined, while the ZF nine-speed automatic gearbox has been recalibrated to ensure a smoother, more progressive drive on all-terrains.Integral Link rear suspension separates lateral and longitudinal forces to enhance body control and agility, providing greater comfort and confidence on the road. At the front, MacPherson strut Hydrobush front suspension features fluid-filled bushes to minimise the high-speed wheel vibration felt through the steering wheel.

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    The new gasoline Mild Hybrid engine, which builds on the heritage of the famous Fire engine, more than 30 million of them were produced, implements a 1-liter, 3-cylinder engine configuration with peak power output of 70 hp (51 kW) at 6,000 rpm and peak torque of 92 Nm at 3,500 rpm. The cylinder head has two valves per cylinder and a single camshaft with continuous variable valve timing (the timing is chain-driven). The structure includes a compact combustion chamber, high-tumble intake ducts and external EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), providing a remarkably high compression ratio (12:1), which translates into better thermal efficiency. The crankcase, developed in collaboration with Teksid, is made of high-pressure die-cast aluminum alloy with cast-iron cylinder liners, to reduce startup times and contain the weight of the engine to just 77 kg. Additionally, friction is reduced using a crank mechanism with a bore/stroke ratio of 1.24 and a connecting rod/crank device with a 10 mm offset to maximize efficiency.The BSG system is mounted directly on the engine and is operated by the belt that also drives the auxiliaries. The system recovers energy during braking and deceleration, stores it in a lithium battery with a capacity of 11 Ah, and uses it, at a peak power of 3,6 kW, to restart the engine in Stop&Start mode and to assist it during acceleration.This technology allows the internal combustion engine to switch off, even at speeds below 30 km/h, simply by shifting into neutral (the dashboard, which displays information on the hybrid system, prompts the driver when to do so). In coasting mode, the lithium battery powers all services, ensuring the driver has full control of the vehicle. The Mild Hybrid propulsion unit in the latest Panda and 500 Hybrid Launch Edition is combined with a 6-gear C514 manual transmission evolution (transverse gearbox, front-wheel drive), with contents aimed at enhancing maneuverability and improving efficiency, including new low-friction bearings and gaskets, the use of a specific high-efficiency lubricant and a never seen before 6th gear ratio that improves fuel economy in out-of-town driving. The comfort-related aspect has also been taken into consideration by optimizing the gearbox system support. Lastly, the new system involves lowering the entire power unit 45 mm so the car behaves better on the road thanks to the lower center of gravity.

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