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Trump doubles down on vaccine timeline, contradicts top expert


President Donald Trump expresses renewed confidence that a viable Covid-19 vaccine will be ready by October, directly contradicting a top administration health expert and facing fierce criticism from his Democratic election rival Joe Biden.

Added on the 17/09/2020 05:15:35 - Copyright : AFP EN

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  • Trump promises 'prosperity, epic job growth and a safe vaccine'

    US President Donald Trump speaks in Omaha, Nebraska, the last leg of his three-state tour of the Midwest, promising to deliver "record prosperity, epic job growth and a safe vaccine". Earlier this week executives from phamaceutical giant Pfizer expressed measured optimism over the prospect of providing a coronavirus vaccine in 2020, but conceded that the company still had not reached key benchmarks in assessing vaccine efficacy. SOUNDBITEN°8TZ6XP

    28/10/2020 - AFP EN
  • 'One Or Two' COVID-19 Vaccines May Be Available By December

    US Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said on Wednesday that he expects COVID-19 vaccines to be ready soon. According to CNN, Azar said he anticipates "one or two safe and effective" vaccines by the end of the year. At least two of the six vaccines being evaluated by Pfizer and Moderna have produced promising results in trials. Azar's remarks come at a time when U.S. public health officials are "seeing a distressing trend". The number of COVID-19 cases across the country are surging with nearly 60,000 new cases per day. The United States has suffered over 8.5 million cases of the coronavirus since it began.

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  • Yeah, No: Top Senate Republican 'Not Optimistic' Stimulus Deal Will Arrive Before Election

    Despite US President Donald Trump's vocal push for a new COVID-19 stimulus package, it appears unlikely that one will come before Election Day. On Tuesday, Business Insider reports Trump signaled he wanted an ever-larger deal than the $2.2 trillion bill proposed by House Democrats. But according to Business Insider, Senate Republicans are skeptical that anything is going to happen anytime soon. It's getting to be toward the last minute. And the clock keeps ticking away. And I'm not optimistic about us doing anything. Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL)Chairman, Senate Appropriations Committee Furthermore, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has pushed for a far slimmer package than Democrats and the president. The GOP has prioritized Supreme Court Justice confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett over economic relief for Americans. But on Tuesday, Trump phoned in to 'Fox and Friends' to say he wants a stimulus program even larger than the Democrats' proposed $2.2 trillion package.

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  • A Thousand Current And Former Employees Protest Politicization Of CDC

    Over 10,000 people work at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And according to Business Insider, a thousand current and former CDC officers have put their names to a letter criticizing the politicization of the health agency. The letter comes after a Kaiser poll revealed 62% of adults reported last month they fear 'political pressure' will rush a coronavirus vaccine. In September, Trump administration officials reportedly delayed CDC reports that were not in line with its politics. The White House also planted two political operatives, with no public health experience, in the CDC to keep the agency's scientists on message. The absence of national leadership on COVID-19 is unprecedented and dangerous. Open letter from current and former CDC employees to the Trump Administration

    17/10/2020 - Wochit
  • As Doors Slam All Around Him, Trump Spends Election Run-Up Ranting On Fox News

    US President Donald Trump appears to be running out of lifelines to save himself politically. CNN reports Trump had hoped a range of pivotal events would turn the electoral tide in his direction, but they're vanishing as quickly as Halloween candy. A coronavirus vaccine hasn't been created. Nor has a massive stimulus package materialized. And the investigation into the Clinton Foundation was a bust. So the president has taken to dialing Fox hosts from the White House and ripping his senior-most Cabinet members for not delivering before election day. It's an unfamiliar experience for a man used to getting what he wants. He is in a completely different universe right now where nobody is left, really, to help him out of the jams he keeps getting himself into. Mary Trump Niece of Donald Trump Author, 'Too Much and Never Enough'

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